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I Can’t Make It without Mom's Ass Anal Sex Stories

I Can’t Make It without Mom's Ass
by Anal_King©

My mother, Elizabeth, is what most guys would call cute and pretty. She's a 41-year-old all-natural beauty who never needs more than a hint of make-up to bring out her almond-shaped eyes or her lush red lips. The best part of her, though, is her round, heart-shaped ass. Every time—and I mean every freakin' time she walks around the house in her panties, my mouth instantly waters at the sight of those creamy globes of butt flesh. It makes me want to bury my face deep into her crack and slobber over her tight, puckered hole.

Anyway, for most of the afternoon today, I've been trying to gather up my nerve to go over and talk to my mom about how much I desperately need to fuck her ass. I know it sounds crazy and you probably can't imagine my doing something like that? And normally I'd agree with you, but you see, if it weren't for the incident that took place a few years back, I don't think I'd be in the fucked-up state I'm in now. If I remember correctly, I think it was on a Saturday afternoon when it happened. I was 13-years-old at the time, which is when I first realized what a woman's body could really do to a young teen. I was in the dining room finishing up a sandwich when a strong urge to pee came over me. I went up to the bathroom to do my business. As I got nearer to the door, I could hear the rush of water running in the tub; I figured my mom was preparing for a nice soak. She does this from time to time to "destress" as she calls it. I wasn't sure if she was decent or not so I knocked first and asked, "Mom, can I come in?"

"Sure, hon. I'm just cleaning the tub." I pushed the door open and was unprepared for the sight that greeted me. I froze with wide eyes staring at my beautiful mom, who had her knees on the lip of the tub while scrubbing the bathroom wall. Every move of her arm forced her sweet panty-covered ass to jiggle, side-to-side. I didn't want to gawk but I couldn't help it. I began to feel funny all over, from my head down to my throbbing cock. My mom's ass looked like some kind of perfectly-shaped peach. Each round, succulent cheek was separated from the other by a crack which greedily swallowed up her silk panties. When she moved down toward the tub, her panties would ride up on her ass revealing the inner meat of those mouth-watering mounds. The sight of her juicy bottom made my cock instantly swell with blood, tightening my foreskin until it ached, but not in a bad way.

I stood there as if my brain couldn't decide what to do next. My mouth became dry when mom's panties slid a little more to reveal the sides of her rosy, puckered anus. After staring another couple of seconds, I forced myself to move to the sink, which was pretty hard thanks to my knees trying to give out. I didn't think I'd be able to piss with the condition I was in so I decided to wash my hands instead. I hurried because I was nervous and confused. My immature brain couldn't make sense of the feelings I was experiencing. On the one hand, it felt exciting. But on the other, it kind of scared the hell out of me. I then quietly excused myself and made my way out with the image of that amazing ass burned into my mind.

Ever since that day, I began to take a great interest in my mother's ass and of asses in general. Each time I checked out her lovely cheeks, my mouth would always become dry and my hands would start to tremble, not to mention my cock becoming really hard. It wasn't until three years later, when I turned 16, I knew what I wanted in life, aside from a career that is. What I wanted—no needed, more than anything in the world, was to fuck my mother's ass. Initially, I felt bad for having these sick thoughts about my mother, but I guess lust quickly destroyed any misgivings I had.

It wasn't long afterwards that I began to jerk my cock several times a day to mental images of mom's succulent cheeks. And after a few weeks of doing this, my mind began to fail me; I don't know how to explain it but I was no longer happy with life. I started to become withdrawn and depressed. I knew it had everything to do with my obsession of wanting to fuck mom's ass and the fact that she would never allow me to have her in that way. It got to the point where I no longer hung out with my buddies after school or talked with anyone except relatives that would come by to visit. Who would believe it, a depressed 16-year-old son who wanted to fuck his mother's ass! How lame is that?

It didn't take too long for my mother to notice my sulking. She kept pressing me to tell her what my problems was but I shrugged it off as nothing important. She made it clear that if I ever needed to talk to her about anything at all, she would always be there for me. I really felt bad putting my mom through this, but I didn't know what else to do—that is, until now. So, here I am, sixteen, nervous as hell and ready to go and talk to her about my problem. I want to state for the record that I'm only doing this out of concern for my mental health rather than for the sex. Honest! Well . . . maybe. Out of desperation, I padded toward the sofa. Mom looked up from her book and greeted me with a big smile which made my heart melt. I knew she loved me, her pride and joy, but I loved her more than just as a mother.


"Yes dear," she sweetly said.

"Mom, remember how you said I could talk to you about what's been bothering me for the past couple of months." She perked up at the fact that I finally wanted to discuss my feelings. If she only knew what those feelings were.

"Ahuh. Do you wanna talk now, sweetie?" I shook my head and sat down next to her on the sofa. I looked down at the rug for a couple of seconds before saying anything. This gave me time to collect my thoughts. I was way too nervous to look at her eyes.

"Alex, look at me."

"Mom, please don't ask me to look at you right now. This is harder to do than you can ever know. Just promise me that you'll let me finish what I have to say, no matter what."

"Of course I will, honey." I took a deep breath to control my trembling hands. My mother noticed this and cupped my hands into hers. "It's okay honey, just say what's on your mind."

"Okay, mom." I forced myself to look into her eyes and began to tell her everything from when I saw her cleaning the bathroom that day to how I constantly masturbate thinking about her curvy butt. "Mom, you can't imagine how long it has taken me to find the courage to talk about this. Please don't judge me or tell me I need to go see a shrink."

"Don't be silly. Lots of boys are attracted to their mothers though not as passionately as you are, I'm guessing."

"Well, you may change your mind once you hear my request. I need to ask you this huge favor . . . I need . . . Mom, you've gotta understand that I don't think I'll be able to grow up a normal adult without your help."

"I promised not interrupt, so just tell me how I can help you get over this."

"Mom . . . m-mom I need to have your ass. That is . . . uh . . . I want to have anal sex with you." I didn't want to use crude language in front of my mother; I guess I could've said, "I need to fuck your juicy ass," but that's totally wrong especially if you’re asking for a huge a favor like the one I just laid on her.

"What!" Her eyes went wide with shock. She had this look like I just told her I only had one day to live. "I can't believe you just said that to me." I went back to staring at the rug, waiting for her to yell at me. My hands began to tremble again. I felt like doing number two because I was so damn nervous.

"You want to bed your own mother? Me!" I simply shook my head up and down while staring at the floor. "Alex, look at me right now!" For obvious reasons, I couldn't do it. It was like my brain did a lock down or something. She gently clasped her left hand under my chin and turned my head toward her. "Son, how can I do something like that with you and how could you ask such a thing of me! This is so surreal. I can't even think right now. Alex, baby—just go to your room and we'll talk tonight after supper. I need to think about what you've just said. I'm not mad at you, but I'm certainly not happy either. I need some time to think about what I'm going to do about your problem."

I went up stairs to my room feeling flushed from nervousness and embarrassment at what I'd just done. It felt good getting it off my chest, yet at the same time, I also felt mad at myself for coming clean with my problem and for being cursed. Why did this have to happen to me? I didn't make it my life's mission to go looking for her ass; I mean were there other boys out in the world going through what I was going through or was I the only one suffering?

Mom made a nice dinner that night and we mostly ate it in silence. I thought she was mad at me. I really couldn't blame her if she was. But I guess this is what I get for screwing things up between us. When I finished cleaning the dishes and wiping down the table, I went to my room and lay on my bed looking at the ceiling and thinking about what I had done earlier today. A soft knock broke me from my reverie. "Yeah!"

"Honey, come to my room when you're ready." I guess it's time to face the music as they say. When I got to her bedroom, I didn't know what to expect. I mean, was she going to send me away to the funny farm or send me to live with my aunt. I pushed her door open and found her sitting on the edge of her bed; she looked very serious. She patted the mattress. I sat down and began playing with my hands while looking down at her cute dainty feet. "Alex, what you asked me today, no son should ever ask of his mother. I understand the mental and physical pain you must be going through, and I want to let you know that we will work this out."

"Mom . . . I," She raised a hand to silence me.

"Let me finish, baby." She took in a breath and sighed. "I must admit I was taken aback when you told me how much you needed my butt. I haven't seen such passion from a man for quite a long time. Your father was the same way when it came to my . . . uhm, ass." Just hearing her say "butt" and "ass" had my cock growing. "He had to have me that way at least twice a week. It wasn't easy for me in the beginning to take him back there, but after enough practice, it became almost second nature but I never did get used to having him back there."

"Wow! I can't believe you're telling me this about you and dad."

"Well, it's not easy and it's something very private, and under normal circumstances, I would never have shared something so intimate with you. But, you had the courage to open up to me, and I feel I should reciprocate."

"But, what are we going to do, mom?"

"I don't know. Just hang in there and give me the week to think this through."

"Mom, I want you to know that I really do love you, even though I'm a bit screwy in the head." She laughed with tears forming in her eyes.

"I love you too, baby." I got up and gave her a kiss goodnight and went to my room. Well, at least my mom wasn't going to send me to my aunts, for now anyway. Sleep didn't come easy that night, but when it finally did, I dreamt of my mother on her hands and knees resting on a bright, silver platter presenting her luscious ass to me. I stepped forward and bit into her plump cheek until I almost tore the skin. She moaned for me to continue. I was ready to lick her winking anus, when I immediately awoke from a climax that had me wet my jockeys. If only I had another minute to actually fuck her.

During the week, I, for the most part, stood out of my mom's way so she could think in peace. I really hoped she would help me by offering her sweet ass to me, but what are the chances of that ever happening. It was torture waiting for her to make up her mind. Then, on Friday night, she called me down to the living room to talk. "Honey, I've been giving what you said some serious thought; I know finding a woman to take care of your needs wouldn't work because I think it's something more than just sex for you."


"That's what I thought," she murmured.

"You did"?

"Yes, what mother doesn't know her boy? Look, this isn't easy for me, but I've decided to meet you half way."

"I don't mean to be dense mom, but what do you mean by "half way"? I asked.

"Well, what I mean is . . . you may touch me and lick me. But, you can't have sex with me. I draw the line right there, mister. I won't have my own son put his penis into my bottom. That wouldn't be right and it's bad enough I'm allowing you to go this far. Also, you have to understand something sweetie, this is against the law. If anyone ever found out about this, I'd be thrown in jail and you'd end up in foster care or at your aunts."

"Mom, I would never tell a soul. Honest!" This was not what I was hoping for but I guess it's better than nothing.

"You understand this is not something pleasurable for me. I'm only doing this in hopes of getting you back to normal. Do you understand"?

"I guess," I said sadly.

"Don't feel so down. If you really want to, we can start right now. What do you say?" I eagerly nodded with a big smile on my face. She reached over and ruffled my hair the way moms like to do.

"Just give me a few minutes to get ready." My cock got painfully hard just thinking about what I was going to do to her gorgeous ass. I locked my eyes on mom's fleshy ass as she climbed the stairs and disappeared into her room. After waiting more than five minutes, I went to her bedroom and stopped by the door. It was left ajar like the bathroom door was when I was 13. I slowly pushed the door open with my sweaty palm. The view inside steadily became wider as the door kept opening. My breath caught in my throat when I saw her. I could feel my heart beating in my chest. Tiny beads of sweat formed on my forehead and that familiar shaking of my hands started again, as I stared in awe with lust-glazed eyes.

My mom was on her hands and knees with her ample ass high in the air. When she caught my eye, she lowered herself onto her elbows while resting the side of her face on her forearms. This move ridiculously increased her arch, which really brought out her creamy ass. I think my mouth was getting wet because I had to stop a bit of drool from escaping. I shuffled over to her, touching the side of the bed with my knees. I tried to take in her scent from where I stood, hoping her ass musk would reach my nostrils from this distance. Instead, only her sweet perfume licked my nose which made my cock feel like it was about to tear a hole in my shorts. She was wearing white thongs which looked so sexy against her lightly tanned skin. The top strap bit into her juicy hip making it pop out, wanting to be squeezed and kneaded while the back rode deep into her crack coming into contact with the one hole I longed to be in.

"It's okay honey. Come up on the bed behind mommy."

She noticed the bulge in my shorts as I climbed on the bed and kneeled behind her. This was as close as I ever been to a real live woman's ass. The view was even better from the rear as I got to truly appreciate those soft, doughy cheeks. She looked over her shoulder with a smile and said, "You may begin but you're not to touch me anywhere else. Remember, this is for your mental health and not for your pleasure." If she only knew. With shaking hands and a bad case of butterflies in my stomach, I reached out to palm the mature, round flesh I hungered for all these years. Her skin was satiny smooth and soft. I never felt anything like it before. As I kept on pawing her cheeks, jolts of pleasure made their way to my groin, making my already stiff cock harder than ever.

I slowly moved my hands around her soft ass, kneading, pinching, and pulling it like dough. After a few minutes of this, I moved my face down to take in her sweet smell. Her lovely cheeks surrounded my face and warmed my skin as I deeply inhaled her natural fragrance. I sniffed like a boy possessed. Her ass had a faint underarm smell to it, but I wasn't complaining, in fact, her scent drove me to another level of savage lust and desire.

It was time now. I reached up and grasped the sides of her panties, slowly pulling it down over her curves as it hugged her round heart-shaped ass. I stopped just under her bottom cheeks. This made her ass bubble out even more if that was possible. Man! What a sight it was. I reached up and pried her cheeks wide apart which caused her pussy lips to come apart revealing her pink interior. She gasped at this.

"Are you okay mom"? I earnestly asked.

"Fine dear, just wasn't expecting that."

Her puckered hole was absolutely perfect, unlike some of those women in those raunchy magazines who either had assholes that look destroyed or had nasty birthmarks on them. Not this queen of asses, though. She had a nice pink shade that covered the straight ridges which began from the center of her shit-hole and ended right on the edge. I continued to deeply inhale her scent and then decided to go in for a kiss. As my lips came into contact with her rosebud, her sphincter twitched, sending me into a lustful rage. A moan escaped her mouth as I devoured her little star, licking and sucking like a madman, knowing no end to this feast. I felt like a shark on a feeding frenzy with its eyes rolled back revealing its whites. I kept sucking at her asshole for what must've been a good ten minutes hoping to bring it out to the size of her nipple if I could. When I was done eating, the little pink grooves of her anus stood out engorged with blood. I dove in again to softly glide the tip of my tongue over each individual ridge to sooth away her soreness.

During the time it took devouring my mother's asshole, my cock became as hard as granite; I desperately needed to feel her tight shitter around my throbbing member. I knew fucking her was a no-no, but, I couldn't stop now. I was too close to my goal. I just had to have her ass, but I also needed a plan—and fast! Then it hit me like a ton of bricks. I can’t believe I didn’t think of it before: I'll tell her I want to gently probe her sphincter with my fingers. And while I'm doing that, I'll ask my mom if it would be alright for me to stick my thumb in her ass. Why? Because, even though my thumb is fatter than my other fingers, it's about the same width as my cock, which is what I'll really be inserting instead. I don’t think my mother will be able to tell the difference. I know it sounds like bad planning on my part but you have to remember something—I was desperate!

"Mom . . . uh . . . would it be alright if I slide my finger in?" She took a moment to think about that. I was almost sure she was going to deny me, but surprisingly she said: "Okay, but just for a little bit. I shouldn’t be allowing you to do this. First, go to the bathroom and get the Vaseline from the medicine cabinet. I need to be lubricated before you do any probing. And wash your hands!"

I beamed with happiness. I really began to think that my plan just might work; that is, if I didn't screw anything up until then. I raced off to the bathroom, washed my hands in record time and then grabbed the small jar of goop. I was back behind her upturned ass in a flash. I excitedly dipped my middle finger into the jar and scooped out a large glop. I then gently applied it to her crinkly hole. I moved my finger around in circles to get her used to the sensation. After doing this for some time I noticed her sphincter didn't contract as much as it did before, which I took as my cue to gently insert my finger into her burning asshole. I slowly pushed into her tiny puckered hole sinking my finger deep into her forbidden depths. It was such an erotic sight, but nothing prepared me for what happened next: When I began to pull my finger back, her sphincter obscenely latched on to my finger and came out about a good half-inch. This time drool escaped my mouth and fell to the mattress. I had seen this in magazines but it seemed only a few women had this ability. I couldn't take my eyes off her anus. I was totally mesmerized.

"You're staring at how my asshole pulls out, aren't you? Your dad was fascinated by that for some reason. It must be a guy thing. I guess like father, like son."

"It's so unbelievably sexy, mom. You’re beautiful."

"Why thank you, Alex."

A geyser almost erupted in my shorts after I finger-fucked her ass a couple of times; I couldn't take it anymore. I decided the next time I pulled my finger out; I was going to replace it with my throbbing cock. I slowly inched my finger out while, at the same time, releasing my cock from my shorts. "Mom, would you mind if I used my thumb instead?" I asked, in nervous anticipation. Everything was riding on her answer. If she says yes, I'll be in ass heaven. If she says no, I'll be one little depressed boy.

"Oh alright. But that'll be it for today." I couldn't fuckin' believe it! It's actually going to happen. Without wasting another microsecond, I excitedly lined the tip of my prick against my mother's shit-chute and firmly rubbed it around. Pre-cum was leaking out of my cockhead which I smeared all over her tight hole. After I felt it was too much for me, or rather, too much for my cock, I told her I was going to push my thumb in.

"Remember, go slowly honey," she said, with more than a little apprehension in her voice. When mom uttered those words, she unknowingly gave me permission to violate her ass. Before she could change her mind, I pressed the bloated head of my rigid dick against her taut anus and pushed. After a few seconds of struggling, her pink ring stubbornly stretched and smoothly slid around the angry head of my prick, eventually swallowing it whole. "Ugh! Take it easy, honey," she complained.

Mom's tight, rubbery tissue expertly massaged my spongy crown, clenching and unclenching around my leaking knob. God! If this is how fucking always felt like, then I'm in for life. I can't begin to describe how good it felt to finally be inside her ass, and the fact that it was my mom's ass made it feel twice as good. In fact, my mom felt so damn good, that if she were a whore, I'd be coming back everyday to fuck her, provided I had the money of course. With each involuntary contraction of my mom's anus, I lost more and more of my self-control, which caused me to impatiently push another inch of my cock-meat into her elastic asshole. Checking to see my progress, I now had half my dick sandwiched between two globes of soft, meaty butt-flesh, with about two inches left to slide in. Not bad for a 16-year-old virgin.

I pushed again, this time sliding the last two inches before my thighs and her butt made contact. I was going to give us a breather but the twitch from my balls told me to just continue fucking her. So I pulled my hard shaft out until the ridge of my small glans started to show and then reversed direction. I now felt more confident to start a nice rhythm going. Fucking was a little awkward at first because I used certain muscles in a way that I hadn't before, which made my technique clumsy. But that didn't stop me from sawing my prick in and out of her shit-hole.

Everything was going as planned—that is, until I accidentally plunged my cock to the root. I didn't mean for that to happen, but at this point, I was too far gone to have cared if she found out anyway. In fact, now that I think about it, I wanted mom to know it was her son's manhood plowing that sweet ass of hers. This way, I could sink in the last inch of my cock with each thrust I made, finally closing the gap between us. I really wanted to feel those soft cheeks resting against my thighs as I hammered into her buttery hole. She didn't realize my deception until it was too late. In a state of panic, my mom made an attempt to scoot forward but my iron grip kept her firmly in place. She struggled for a bit, trying to dislodge me. "Alex! Stop! Stop this instant!" she yelled, looking at me over her shoulder. She tried to stand but I quickly shoved her down and kept her in place. After that, she simply gave up. I guess my mom realized it was better to let me have my way with her.

I started to pick up the pace, gradually increasing the amount of meat I stuffed into her. I noticed the faster I went, the stronger the suction. My aching balls slapped against her pussy lips, which was very warm and sticky. I looked down as my cock sawed in and out of her anus and noticed a thick string of her juice stretch from her pussy to my balls each time I pulled out to the head. Knowing that I was responsible for making my hot mother wet made my testicles twitch out of control.

"Uh! . . . Ale—." She tried to talk but I was pile-driving her so hard, the air left her lungs.

"Uhh! You tricked me. Ugh! I'm your mother! You're not supposed to fuck me! This is incest! Oh! How can you do this to me? Why . . . ahh . . . Alex? Why?" She grunted.

"I . . . couldn't help . . . uhh . . . help it, mom," I panted, "I need you so bad. I need this ass." I couldn't talk anymore. The portion of my brain that operated on instinct took over. All reasoning left the bedroom and lust walked right on in to take its place. I was reduced to the level of a Neanderthal. I became a savage bent on tearing her ass apart! I picked up the pace since I knew it wasn't going to be long now. Her sphincter muscles began to twitch out of control as I hammered the shit out of her mommy ass. I knew it was only a matter of seconds before I would be coating the walls of her bowels with my potent cream.

Just then, I heard a deep groan come from my mother's throat. Her eyes were shut tight and her lips formed the most erotic "O" I've ever seen on a woman. Suddenly, her groaning turned into a high-pitched scream which took me by surprise. I felt her body tense and her slim fingers clutch the sheets until the whites of her knuckles showed. Then at that moment, a warm squirt of liquid sprayed on the front of my balls. It felt like thick pee more than anything else. I glanced down and realized my mother was cumming on my fucking balls. Holy shit! And really hard, too. She drenched my nutsack and thighs with her love juice. That pretty much did it for me. I pounded her sexy ass for about six more strokes until I felt the beginning of my load make its way up my shaft. "Oh fuck! Oh shit mom! Get ready!" In an instant, my stomach clenched really hard and my cockhead swelled, unleashing load after load of my scalding cream deep into my pretty mother's rectum. I yelled as an incredible sensation gripped my entire body, forcing me to close my eyes and ride out each wave of my orgasm.

"Ahh! Ahh! Ahhhhh! Oh mom, I can't stop. You feel so good." I just kept firing rope after rope of my semen until my balls were completely drained of their contents. I felt faint and out of breath and my cock looked as if a fine layer of skin had been rubbed off. It was raw with a reddish hue from all the friction it went through. When I pulled my cock out, I left her freshly-fucked anus gaping, but nowhere near as big as what I've seen in porn mags. It was so cool to see an actual gape in person. I don't why but the sight of her opened shit-hole made me want to eat her ass out again, which is exactly what I did. I dove in to slurp at mom's sphincter as she continued catching her breath from our recent fuck. I licked the inner walls of her anal canal clockwise then counter clockwise all the while slobbering copious amounts of saliva around her abused entrance. I greedily licked away at her rosy flesh, giving her the rimming of her life.

My mom tried to pull away but I held on for dear life. It was so damn good. Eventually, her hole closed around my tongue preventing me from freely moving around. Since it made sense at the time, I decided to butt fuck her with my tongue until my jaw grew tired. She told me to stop with a hint of anger in her voice. When I didn't relent, she slammed her lovely ass against my nose stinging the hell out of it. At that point, I knew fun-time was over. She told me to get out of her room as she turned over to sit on her pear-shaped ass. While I picked up my clothes from the floor, my mom began to sob. What could I do or say that could possibly make a difference at this point. I left her alone and went to my room.


The next day after that wonderful incident, my mother told me she was very disappointed in me. I tried to explain my feelings for her but she wouldn't listen. A week after the event, she finally came around and we had a much-needed talk. She was deeply embarrassed by the fact that I made her reveal an intimate part of herself. The part that she was a squirter. She explained it only happened when she came really hard. But, the real thing that bothered my mom was how I took advantage of her. I told her lust took over my mind and that I still loved and respected her. I asked for her forgiveness with tears in my eyes. I guess I must've reached that part of her heart only a son could gain access to because she embraced me into her warm jugs while planting soft kisses on my head.

"Honestly, I guess if it means not having my baby depressed anymore, then I would say it was a small price to pay—but not one that's easily forgiven," she said in all seriousness. I moved to kiss her on the cheek.

"Mom, I'm sorry for what I did. But maybe the fact that I will always desire you over any other woman in the world is going to be punishment enough." She smiled and ruffled my hair.

"Oh, don't be so melodramatic. Besides, maybe in another five years or so your old mom may still be single. Who knows, depending on how I feel, I may want a younger man in my life," she said, with a sexy smirk on her face. My cock began to rise just thinking of the possibilities. I don't know if that was a joke on her part but I'm going to take that as a challenge.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. I was grounded for six whole months for fucking her ass. It was harsh but I knew I deserved it. I'm going to keep trying to win her heart. It's my mission—whatever it takes! I figure when I finish college and get a really good job, I'll make my move.

The End


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