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Son gamble on who should fuck MOM (incest) Part 2

A few days later they decided to play out one of Marc’s fantasies. He always thought of it as ‘The Experienced Hooker.” It didn’t go exactly as planned.

Annette was wearing lots more make-up than she usually did as she sat at the hotel bar. She was wearing a fairly tight fitting outfit but had tried not to overdo it or be too conspicuous. She looked mid-thirties at most and that didn’t stop a few men of various ages from hitting on her. She was surprised at first, and flattered; and with the more boorish ones, annoyed. So when Marc came in, she was pleased to see him and relieved.

He solicited sex from her as planned and they agreed on five hundred dollars for the night. They went up to his room and she began undressing. He could tell that she wasn’t wearing a bra by the way her breasts moved but he was surprised to see the sheer black top of a nylon body stocking when she started undressing.

Her nipples and tits looked great and he was already getting hard but before she took off her skirt Marc said, “Before we get to it, can we talk a little…do you mind?”

“I don’t mind anything as long as you’re paying for the time honey.” He asked her if she was with someone and she said, “Not anymore, I live with my son who’s a little younger than you.”

“Does he know what his mother does for a living?”

“We don’t talk about it but I’m sure he knows.”

“Have you ever had sex with him?”


“Would you?”

“When he gets older, if I thought he could handle having sex with his mother I would do it…he’s the only thing that’s important to me…I would do whatever I had to…to make him happy.”

“Even sucking your own son’s cock?”

“Yes…sucking my own son’s cock.”

“Letting him fuck you anywhere?”

“Yes, letting him fuck me anywhere and everywhere.”

“You sound like it wouldn’t just be ‘letting’ him as much as ‘wanting’ him.”

“Is that so hard to understand? I want what every woman wants, a person inside her that cares about her. And I’d rather have a loving son inside my pussy than a stranger who just wants to get off. I’d rather have my son telling me and showing me how much he loves me…making me feel it when he sucks on my pussy.”

“You weren’t being honest before were you?”

She looked into his eyes and said, “No”

“You’ve had sex with him…haven’t you?”

“Yes…I have…I do…and I will…tonight when I get home he’ll be waiting for me like he does every night…to take care of his momma…he’ll put his warm arms around her and his big cock into her and everything will be okay.”

When she said that Marc lost interest in the fantasy they had planned and said, “Mom let’s just make love…forget about that other stuff for now.”

“Yes sweetheart…I love you very much.” Annette removed her skirt and he saw his mother’s smooth pussy. The body stocking was open at the crotch displaying her ass and pinkish opening between her legs.

“Mom, you look unbelievable in that…God…” Marc kneeled before his mother and started licking on the lips and hood over her clit. He could taste her moisture as it built from his sucking. She began moaning and he guided her backwards with a gentle push on her thighs. She sat on the bed and he continued sucking. She eased onto her back leaving her feet on the floor as her son ate her pussy…the way she had described…making her feel cared for…and loved.

He undressed himself and moved her back on the bed to enter her. His penetration was smooth and he enclosed her arms inside his as he made love to her. As the length of him measured the depths of her, he felt her excitement and also her unease. “Mom, it’s going to be like you said…everything is going to be okay.”

“Oh Marc, I wish I knew that for sure…when you’re inside me like this I think that maybe it can be…” Marc continued stroking evenly in and out of his mother’s pussy as she spoke. “Yes baby like that…when you’re making me feel so good…giving me what I need…making me feel it…but later…when you stop and I’m alone…I keep going over it…I have sex with my son.” What she didn’t say was that the exact phrase in her head was, ‘I’m having sex with both of my sons.’ But she let it go as Marc’s insistent long cock made it’s way into the center of her body.

She took it all into her and felt that those moments were the ones that made it all worthwhile…as he stroked her and loved her and fucked her until everything else was forgotten except the satisfying ache that her son was creating in her pussy. She held on as long as she could under the persistent pleasure his cock brought her. The last words she said before coming was “Kiss me.”

He gave her an unending kiss as they moved on each other and their orgasms built. She cried out and dug her nails into his back as her high arch raised him over her and he let himself go…coming…coming so much in his mother’s pussy. She wouldn’t let him move and stayed in his arms for an hour before they got dressed and went home.

Endings and Beginnings

The next day Richard called his mother a bitch for the second…and last time. He assumed he was in charge and could do and say whatever he wanted to. Maybe if it was a different day he would have been able to but after her experience with her ex-husband Annette wasn’t the same woman. In a blatant display of braggadocio Richard took out his cock and told his mother, “Come here bitch and suck me…then I’m going to fuck you in the ass.”

When he said it Annette knew how it would all resolve and that it wasn’t going to be as hard as she feared. If fire could come out of a person’s eyes, it would have come out of hers. She walked up to him and controlling the slap she felt like delivering across his face, she said in the most quietly determined voice he had ever heard, “Richard…no you’re not.” She didn’t have to tell him what he then realized; he probably wasn’t going to have sex with her again. He didn’t take it well.

“Do you think you’re just going to cut me off and go on fucking Marc? Forget it. You just think about this…if I tell Joe and his lawyers what’s been going on, what do you think you’re going to get…? Nothing but trouble.” He stormed out of the room.

Annette was terrified and went to Pauline and asked what to do about Joe and her sons. Pauline said, “Don’t worry about Joe…and let your sons go.” Annette asked what she meant by that and Pauline said, “You know…just let them go.”

The conference was the next day and she was about to fall apart. She cried until she was exhausted. When she told Marc what had happened between Richard and her, Marc held his mother and told her. “Mom, I’ll talk to him…it’s crazy…he would just be spiting himself…he wouldn’t be able to finish school and…”

“Marc You didn’t see him; he was crazy…maybe he’ll make some deal with Joe…maybe…”

“Mom, I’ll take care of it…for now please don’t do this.” He took her in his arms and stroked her hair until she calmed. He kissed her a few times and after a while she fell asleep. He covered her on the couch and went to find his brother.

Early the next morning Annette woke with a start. She was almost groggy when she called “Marc…Marc honey are you here?” When her son appeared from the kitchen she peppered him with questions. “What happened…where’s Richard…are we late?”

“No mom it’s only seven and I talked to Rich for hours last night…I…don’t really know what he’s going to do…at least he listened to me but he didn’t say much. He left and didn’t come home last night.”

“Oh God…he’s going to tell Joe and…”

“We don’t know that…maybe I can talk to Joe…we always got along and …man I don’t know.” They went to the conference and Marc sat by his mother’s side. He shook Joe’s hand and Annette and Joe just glared.

About five minutes into the meeting Richard walked in. Annette looked like a frightened dear and Richard said, “Sorry I’m late…” and then sat by his mother. There were almost tears of gratitude in her eyes as she touched his hand.

Before the proceedings got too far along, Marc started to talk to Joe and Joe’s lawyer said, “Please address your remarks through me.” Joe waved him off and Marc continued.

“Joe, you were never a bad guy and I know you cared about us, so why are you doing this? Mom’s not asking for the moon…she just wants enough so we can live and finish college. Were we all that bad to you Joe?”

Joe looked across the table at Marc and gave the sort of a smile that would have been accompanied by an affectionate tap on the head a few years back. “You’re okay kid…” Whether Marc’s saying something to Joe had anything to do with it wasn’t clear but when the conference was over Joe had agreed to give Annette almost what she had asked for; in exchange, Annette dropped her suit and relinquished any future claims.

When they got home they all hugged and Annette kissed each of her sons and said, “Thanks for standing by me and thanks for standing up for me…I love you both.” She could feel the strength of spirit she used to have returning and she felt as if she had to make some decisions.

Richard knew it was time for him to leave and he said he had an appointment to look at a small apartment near school that he was trying to rent. As Marc walked him to the door he said, “Well bro I guess you won …” He gave his younger brother an affectionate wink and left.

Marc returned to Annette and as he reached for her she said the last thing he expected, “We have to talk.” He knew that nine out of ten times, when a woman says that to a man, the man isn’t going to be happy. He didn’t beat the odds.

Annette said, “Honey, we’re coming to the end of this thing.” Marc didn’t need to ask what ‘this’ was. He did try to get the ‘why’ but his mother wouldn’t talk about it. What she said was, “I know it’s probably a mistake to do what I’m going to do but I need to…I want to. Just please don’t misunderstand, it is going to be over.”

With that she again did the last thing he expected, started unzipping his pants. Her warm hand brought out the flesh that began unfurling at her touch. She leaned over and took the expanding knob into her mouth. Marc took his mother’s breasts into his hands and then tried to lift her blouse out of her belted skirt. Annette stood and pulled the blouse out and took off her bra. She kissed her son once and then went to her knees before him.

Annette cupped him in her hands and mouthed a good portion of the stiffened shaft. Her lips and tongue worked back and forth on the front third of his cock as her hands massaged the back of the shaft and massaged as he built up momentum and volume for his release. When he leaned over to take one of her bare breasts in his hand she could feel him accelerating. With her nipple between his fingers he intermittently pinched as he came closer. This wasn’t their usual love play where she would take him up and down until he couldn’t stand it. This was one steady climb without pause.

She sucked him beautifully. Because she felt it would be the last time she would have her son in her mouth, each entry was savored lovingly. Marc put both his hands behind her head and gently stroked into his mother’s mouth. With each motion she tried to take more of him…and more of him…until she could take no more. She ached for it inside her, filling her pussy but she knew she had to deny herself that pleasure if she was to do what she had promised herself she would do.

She knew he would explode in her mouth and she was ready for it. Annette wanted to leave her son with the memory of his mother loving him…one last time…kneeling before him…taking and swallowing him as an expression of what she wanted to do but could no longer allow.

She pumped him and sucked him and there was no way he could wait. Her mouth moved almost as fast as her hand and his stabs into the soft wetness behind her lips were in sync. He cried “OHHhhhhh…” as the intense first shot of cum flew to the back of her throat. Annette never stopped pumping and he kept saying, “Ohhh…Ohhh…Ohhh…” Each succeeding jet had the intensity of the first when it left him for his mother’s mouth. His knees were almost shaky as each stream filled her mouth and left him more exhausted. She sucked until only saliva coated his sensitized cock.

After finally coming to an end he wanted to satisfy his mother but she wouldn’t let him. He wanted to make love to her but she wouldn’t let him. He tried to ask her why not but she wouldn’t let him.

Days turned into frustrating weeks and when he held her and kissed her he could feel her fighting him, fighting herself, and her tears. Finally he told her, “I love you mom, but this is just too hard…wanting you and…I talked to Richard and I think I’m going to move in with him…what do you think?”

Annette fought with her desires and said, “Okay honey…okay...just know that I’m always loving you.”

The Good Life

Richard was in heaven: sharing the apartment off campus with his brother, enough spending money, and enough co-eds to spend it on. Marc was glad for what they had but a vague dissatisfaction gnawed at him. He did try, especially with Linda. She was one year ahead of him but they had a lot in common. They shared a few courses, a love of films and then a bed.

Linda found Marc sexually exciting; due not in small part to the experience he had with his mother. During their first encounter she said, “You know, you have a talented tongue…where did you learn that?”

Marc laughed, “You don’t want to hear that story.” He returned to her pussy and sucked her nub until she almost screamed. He put two fingers into her and found her ‘G’ spot about three inches up and flicked it quickly. The orgasm she had shook her. She didn’t know it was possible to come that way or that hard.

She was so turned on; she tried to do the same for Marc. She took him in her mouth and sucked him with variation. She used her tongue and lips and even her teeth occasionally. He could tell that his wasn’t the first cock she had in her mouth. But it was the first cock she wanted to swallow; it was the first cock she anticipated with pleasure the prospect of filling her mouth with cum.

It wasn’t that Marc didn’t enjoy it because coming in a good-looking girl’s mouth felt good, period. And there was nothing wrong with the sex he had with her later that night but somewhere, somehow, there was a ‘disconnect.’ Marc couldn’t help but compare it to the last time he was with his mother…in her…with her in a way that made it hard to be with others. He understood only too well that were two ways to be inside a woman, physically, and emotionally. He had one without the other.

Linda wasn’t the last girl to be surprised when after a few dates Marc stopped calling. They all felt they were both having a good time. They were, but Marc needed more.

Annette mirrored her son’s feelings. She went out with a few men and over a period of six months went to bed with only two. Even though she had continued the pill and felt safe with the first guy, she still made him wear a condom, refused to have oral sex and found it more a boring inevitability than fun.

The second was the last she ever expected to sleep with…again. Joe called one night and asked her to dinner to, as he said, ‘…clear up a few loose ends before the final papers were drawn up.’ What the hell, she thought.

Annette enjoyed being out with him. He was funny. He acted like he did when they first met; he was nice to her. So after a few drinks and a few laughs and a few suggestive comments about how sexy and appealing she looked, he brought her home and again she thought, ‘what the hell.’

In bed, inside her, it was familiar. It was too familiar. It was mostly about him as it had always been. It wasn’t terrible but they both knew that it was the last time and that was fine with both of them. Joe gave Annette a kiss goodnight and they wished each other well.

That chapter was closed for her and it also made her realize what she wouldn’t be doing. She wouldn’t be out in the flesh market looking for what she knew wouldn’t be there for her. What she would find in the following months was something she already knew; substitutes for love are hard to come by.

Richard Puts On a White Hat

When Richard called Annette to tell her that he was coming over to talk to her she was leery. She prepared her defenses and sentences for whatever he might say or do. She wasn’t prepared for his plea. “Mom, you’re making a big mistake…I know that whatever you’re doing, you think it’s for a good reason. Mom, two people have been miserable for almost a year…you and Marc. We go out but he’s not any fun and he’s not having any fun. Whenever he talks, even if he doesn’t mention you, I know that you’re the one he’s talking about and there’s no question that you’re the one he’s thinking about…how about you…are you happy?”

“Oh Richard it’s complicated.”

“Why is it so complicated…you think about him the way he thinks about you…don’t you?”

“Yes…I do. Richard, where can this go? I’m so much older than he is…his mother…and Pauline told me to let him go…she’s been right about a lot of things...I shouldn’t go against that…sometimes Richard it’s just too much to think about.”

“I can’t believe what you’re saying…you taught us to think for ourselves and not let other’s decide for us what to wear or what to believe…and now you’ve given that power to…Lady Pauline…she’s going to decide how you should live your life? Why…because it’s easier if someone else does it for you?” There was a long silent pause and Annette close her eyes, took a deep breath, and let out a sigh of air.

“Mom,” Richard took her hand. “I know you were under a lot of stress for a while…I should have been there more for you but I’m telling you now…take back your life. That means taking chances and not doing things because of what everyone ‘out there’ thinks. Mom…when I get back to the apartment, I’m telling Marc to come over here.”

Richard wasn’t sure what her response would be because it took her a while to say, “Okay.”

Marc and Annette

When Marc arrived they were both almost shy with each other until Annette said, “Is this what you want baby…oh honey, can we do this?”

Marc said, “Yes…yes…yes. Remember that day in the woods mom…that’s what we can have…that’s what we can give to each other. What else matters?”

“Right now, looking at you…my handsome boy…I think you’re right, nothing else matters…I’ve wasted enough time.” They kissed a soft healing kiss that was tender. They kissed deeper with the relief of estranged lovers that had again found each other. They kissed with invitations.

Annette took her son’s hand, led him to her room and said, “I want this to our bed…only ours…for our loving…only ours.”

“Mom, I’ve wanted that for a long time now…tonight is going to be our first night…just like we were starting new…just like you were a new bride and I was your man.”

“You are…my love, and I am your new bride.” The kiss they shared was a seal on their new beginning. And when he lifted her dress and put his hands inside her panties, kneading and spreading her ass, she knew. She knew that she would give that to him, as an offering of love. She knew that he would be the first and only man to possess her that way. She knew because he loved her. She knew because she loved him.

Deeper and Deeper

Annette knew that what she could never give to Richard or anyone else was meant for Marc; that the closing of physical love to her older boy would be the willing opening of a new kind of loving for her and her young son…that she could now give it all…all for her love.

She was his mother and that was why she had always held something back. She had never let him know how much she wanted him to come in her mouth…how much she ached for his hardness in her pussy…how much she wanted to ‘let go’ and scream when she came. But she had finally reached the point where she could accept that she was a mother who had sex with her son, a mother who wanted to have sex with her son because he was the one she loved.

Finally she felt she could be what she wanted to be, his mother and everything else he needed and she needed to be for him. She knew it would take time for her son to understand fully what she was about to tell him but she said it anyway. “I’m yours love…I’m yours.”

She pulled her dress over her head and smiled as her son unhooked her bra and took down her panties. “Let me just look at my beautiful bride” he said. Her nipples stood out as her son walked around her planting an occasional kiss on her belly…on her breasts…and then on her pussy. When he was through he kissed her deeply on the mouth and touched her nipples with only his fingertips. As his tongue played with hers, he touched her clit.

She reveled in his attentions and yet was anxious to present him with her gift. When they were both naked in bed Annette reached into the night table and put her fingers into the open jar of lubricant. She fisted it down the length of her of her son’s straining cock.

For Annette at that moment, the idea of a mother giving her son anal sex was an ultimate yielding. Without thinking of the consequences her son’s big cock might engender, Annette put her head on the pillow and raised her haunches to offer her ass to her son. “Come baby…come put it in momma’s ass…do it love…do it.” Her younger son’s cock was hardened into a pillar as he approached the rounded flesh of his mother’s waiting ass.

He set the thick knob against his mother’s asshole and pushed. She took a quick intake of air as her son passed her anal ring and then relaxed. His first penetration was exquisite to her. He found a short rhythm that took his cock deeper into his mother’s ass with each stroke. “Yes baby…that’s right…that’s good…in your momma’s ass…oh sweetheart…yes…ohhh.”

The willing mother had steeled herself in determination but could still feel the pressure and stretching the entry of his firm young cock had caused. He was opening her to her limit but it was okay, because it was her love’s cock that was doing it to her…her loving son’s cock that began to fill her ass…and nothing could feel better.

As he pressed more of his cock into her, the compliant and open mother gave her anal virginity with the same love with which her son took it. As the strokes became longer and deeper she stretched to be more accessible and he opened her wider. When he drove the steely shaft deep and hard into her vulnerable flesh, she surrendered to it. “My love…my love…my love…”she stoked him with her words as he stroked into her depths. Her son was as deep in her ass as he was in her heart. If there were anything more she could have done to show it, she would have.

Marc pushed himself entirely into his mother’s tight hole. The satisfaction of filling her that way was unexpected. It wasn’t just more…it was different. He had something he hadn’t even known existed, something that didn’t have a name. He had what was missing. He was thrilled by her loud exclamations and exhortations for him not to stop…not to stop…never to stop. “No mom,” he told her. “I’m never going to…always in you…in you…fucking you…sweet mother.”

As he slid more easily in and out Marc looked with pride at his mother’s beautiful ass as she accepted him into her forbidden opening. A warm wave bathed him with love for her as he leaned and kissed her back. “Mom” he said, “You’re the one I want…the only one.” He took his mother’s breasts into his hands as he stroked toward their mutual release. Long, even, steady insertions rode in and out of his mother’s tight channel. He was deep inside his mother’s ass and it was where he felt he belonged.

Amidst all her physical sensations, Annette knew that there were few who could understand the pleasure a mother could feel being filled that way by her son. It was her son’s cock that was inside her and she embraced her awareness of it. She let the thoughts go and watched in her mind as her son kneeled behind her…holding her breasts…caressing her nipples…driving his cock home.

Marc could feel her pleasure and it multiplied his own. The tight ring that his cock had stretched to its limit gripped and massaged him as he slid his cock in and out of his mother’s ass. “Mom it feels so good…so good…to love you this way.” And with all of him, he was loving her.

And as happens in those rare moments, they both wanted it never to end so much that they thought it might happen. That’s what his mother meant when she said, “Don’t stop love…don’t stop.” She meant don’t let this feeling ever end…don’t ever stop wanting me…don’t ever stop loving me the way you’re loving me now.

With every plunge of her son’s thick rod that opened her physically, Annette resolved to open herself to him without reserve. She would be what he wanted and whatever he needed. As she took him deep into her ass, she accepted that she was doing it as his mother as well as his lover.

Each stoke of pleasure into her ass told her that she would be a mother who would love her son with all of herself. Her pussy and her mouth would be there for him as a lover, as a bride and as a mother. Annette knew that all the ways she would open herself for him would be another way of opening her heart to him.

Marc watched his big cock spreading his mother’s asshole. With each penetration he felt the small channel constricted around his shaft in a tight grip. He had to apply a lot of pressure to get it all the way inside her and he realized she had to feel it. He knew she was taking it for him…opening herself to him…telling him she was his.

He couldn’t help but drive deeper and harder knowing he would soon fill his mother’s ass with his cum. “Mom, I love you so much…Oh…it feels so good to be in your ass…you’re so tight…does it feel good to you mom…does it hurt too much?”

And even though he felt twice as big and twice as hard as he ever had when he was in her pussy she still said, “No love, it feels so good I can hardly stand it…don’t stop baby…love me like this always.” She wanted to tell him more…what his cock was doing to her…stretching her …spreading her…making her want to come forever…but she could hardly catch her breath.

Annette reached back to open herself even wider for him. She moaned loudly with each delving of her son that looked for the end of her. She waited with anticipation for the ejaculation that would fill her ass with her son’s love juices. Marc was pulling his cock completely out of her ass before each entry to enjoy the sight of his mother’s open hole taking him in.

The first cord of cum reached her asshole an instant before his last re-entry. Annette could feel hot cum coating her. The slick juices facilitated the piston action as Marc released a voluminous series into his mother’s ass after burying his cock as far in as it would go. She felt like she was gushing as she came amidst the lubricant and the cum her son had poured into her ass. As he continued to release into her Annette reached for her clit and came again with long crying moans of “Ohh love…ohhh…love...my love…”

The satisfied mother and son lay quietly in each other’s arms for a few minutes; the only sound breaking the silence was their hard breathing and later the kissing. Annette looked down at the gently swelling cock in her hand and said, “Well honey, that was so wonderful but it seems that maybe it was only a start. Do you still have something more for your momma?”

As Marc reached between his mother’s opened legs he said, “You can bet on it mom…you can bet on it.”
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